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Download Close to the Edge Interactive PDF (13.6 MB)

Close to the Edge

“Close to the Edge” was shot from 2000 to 2011 and represents the images I produced as I got more familiar with the coast along the Gulf of Maine. It took a few years to produce the final print catalog (available under the publications tab from Magcloud) and it is now available as a free digital download.

I hope you will take a few moments to download the interactive PDF file. The interactive features should be available on any PC or Mac that has adobe acrobat reader. If you are viewing it on a tablet you might want to open it in a separate program such as Good Reader to maintain the interactive function.

As my goal is to share these images with as many people as possible, I am offering to send one free 8x 11 print (on handsome Hahnemuhle rag paper) to anyone who would like one. Just pick out your favorite image! Send me your mailing address either at the contact email or and I will send it out to you free of charge.

Finally, if you can share this link with your friends and social media contacts it would be greatly appreciated.

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