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NHAA 62nd Currier Exhibition Catalogue 2011

Click on the above link to download the catalogue  from the New Hampshire Art Association 62nd Currier Exhibition at the Currier Museum of Art in February 2011.

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Fifteen photographs of places along the Gulf of Maine were on display in the lounge (schmoozatorium) at Temple Israel in Portsmouth from May to August, 2010.

I always wanted to be a Yankee. Growing up in the suburbs as part of the generation born just after the Holocaust, I was uneasily aware of a loss, not of a particular family member or friend, but for unknown relatives, unseen ancestral homes and a place in time that had been obliterated. I envied those around me who could trace their roots back many generations and visit the places where their personal narratives were formed.

As a photographer, I strive to create portraits of places that move beyond the well known landmark. My goal is to bring the viewer an image that reflects a sense of a unique place at a particular time, but also contains elements that suggest the passage of time.  I am particularly drawn to places on the coast along the Gulf of Maine. Between the high and low waterlines, the objects within 600 yards of the coastline exist in a ribbon of space that stretches from Boston to the Maritimes and like the objects in a tide pool, they come and go with the vagaries of the tides and the passing of the seasons.

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NHAA 62nd Currier Exhibition

Currier Museum of Art

Manchester, NH

January 27 to March 6, 2011

Last June I was on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy. The picture of the ball field was taken during that trip, and the photograph “Island Diamond” (far left) was accepted into this year’s NHAA Exhibit at the Currier Museum.

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