Images From the Gulf of Maine – Temple Israel, Portsmouth, NH

Fifteen photographs of places along the Gulf of Maine were on display in the lounge (schmoozatorium) at Temple Israel in Portsmouth from May to August, 2010.

I always wanted to be a Yankee. Growing up in the suburbs as part of the generation born just after the Holocaust, I was uneasily aware of a loss, not of a particular family member or friend, but for unknown relatives, unseen ancestral homes and a place in time that had been obliterated. I envied those around me who could trace their roots back many generations and visit the places where their personal narratives were formed.

As a photographer, I strive to create portraits of places that move beyond the well known landmark. My goal is to bring the viewer an image that reflects a sense of a unique place at a particular time, but also contains elements that suggest the passage of time.  I am particularly drawn to places on the coast along the Gulf of Maine. Between the high and low waterlines, the objects within 600 yards of the coastline exist in a ribbon of space that stretches from Boston to the Maritimes and like the objects in a tide pool, they come and go with the vagaries of the tides and the passing of the seasons.

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